Apparel Photography Guide

Apparel Photography Guide Apparel Photography Guide

Apparel photography goes through a number of processes before the end work is published. The steps are:-
1. Planning
2. Product Retouching
3. Photographing
4. Photo Retouching
5. Publishing

Apparel Photography

  1. Planning: The photographer in charge has to make quite a number of considerations and these includes:
    A. Where the image up will end which entails considering what the clients want, the market for the photograph and also the end users.
    B. Budget
    C. The equipment needed to get the job done.
  2. Product Retouching: photographers offer product retouching services for the clients before taking shots. Product retouching services include product and styling.
  3. Photographing: when the products are picture-ready, the photographer takes the shot. But before shots are taken, the photographer has to check out for camera setting, the aperture, and the shutter speed.
  4. Photo Retouching: This process distinguishes professional photographs from ordinary snapshots. Professional photographers offer photo editing services for shots taken before publishing them. Photo Retouching includes all edits done to alter the appearance of the original picture in order to produce a better one ranging from background removal, alignment, cropping, margin setting, filtering, batch processing, cleaning etc.
  5. Publishing: After the images have been shot, edited and printed out, the next step and which happens to be the final step is publishing the finished work for the world to see.

Apparel Photo EditingSo Apparel Photography becomes very important nowadays because of the online selling and e-commerce websites. follow these steps to get perfect apparel photos that Sell or Guide to Apparel Photography.

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