Apparel Photography Guide

Apparel Photography Guide
Apparel photography goes through a number of processes before the end work is published. The steps are:- 1. Planning 2. Product Retouching 3. Photographing 4. Photo Retouching 5. Publishing Planning: The photographer in charge has to make quite a number of considerations and these includes: A. Where the image ... Continue Reading

Fashion Retouching: Latest Trends

Fashion Retouching
When it comes to photo retouching services, fashion makes significant use of retouching photos. For the most part, the goal of retouching a photograph is to make a photograph look a certain way without being obvious. As most people have noticed though, retouching isn’t a static area. Like almost ... Continue Reading

Clipping Paths vs. Masks? Which is better?

Image Masking services
The post-production process of photography has been made much easier with the array of tools available for photo retouching. However, just as the world of photography is continuously evolving, so are photo retouching services and tools in order to keep up with dynamic industry. For instance, clipping path services ... Continue Reading