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Fashion Retouching Fashion Retouching

When it comes to photo retouching services, fashion makes significant use of retouching photos. For the most part, the goal of retouching a photograph is to make a photograph look a certain way without being obvious. As most people have noticed though, retouching isn’t a static area. Like almost every other industry, there have been trends in the fashion photography world. What exactly are these trends and how are they achieved? These are some of the newest trends in Fashion photography retouching today.
Retaining Character
There has been a greater emphasis on “imperfections” in fashion spreads today which creates a unique challenge for photographers. Instead of reshaping and airbrushing fashion photos to create a perfect image, the retouching trend is more focused on helping people to see individual quirks without any distractions. For example, some models have become known for specific moves or slight quirks in their expression or body shape. Photos of these individuals will leave these aspects in place while smoothing out other areas to create a visually pleasing image. A photographer might lighten an image to remove any distracting shadows or smooth out wrinkles in clothing, but keep any smaller imperfections.
Emphasized Features
Most fashion photos are designed to emphasize certain parts of the body or make the image “pop” on camera. For example, a close-up of a person’s face would probably have an emphasis on the eyes while smoothing the rest of the skin or leaving the rest of the image untouched. Many photographers find themselves editing in greater tones to the eyes or mouth area of their photos while leaving the rest of the face natural. Creating textures and depth is a growing trend today. The same goes for any type of fashion photography. A fashion spread with brightly colored shows may appear dull in the pre-edited version. A photographer will work to brighten up the colors and remove any shadows or dull tones which distract from the final image. These slight touchups can actually take a significant amount of time as the goal is to look natural while still creating an appealing image.
Slimming and Smoothing
In fashion photography, the goal is to make clothes look as though they fit well and flatter the wearer. Although the trend to slim down or extreme Photoshop the model has gone out of style, photographers still do a fair amount of work to create smooth lines and make the outfit flattering. In some cases, this simply means smoothing out any wrinkles in the clothing, hiding any unflattering seams, or straightening out buttons or zippers that don’t add to the entire image. This can also mean slimming down the model’s body as well. In some cases, the camera really does add 10 pounds and photographers find themselves slimming and shaping the clothes and body. Once again, the trend here is still to make the outfit look natural and believable but also to look as flattering as possible.
Photoshop Methods
While there are a variety of methods used to retouch photos, the most common program used is Photoshop. This program can be used to alter photos in both minor and significant ways. The program takes an image and offers photographers and editors a huge number of options to alter a photo before it’s completed. Using Photoshop effectively to create professional grade images can take years and even after the program is mastered, there are still methods that need to be learned along the way. ¬†and What kind of Fashion and Beauty Skin Retouching should be done?
A Fashion Photo editor will open a photo using Photoshop and start to work on the picture. Depending on the goal for the photo, the editor may have been given specific instructions on what to fix and what to leave. Usually, the editor starts by scanning the photo and taking notes on what needs to be touched up. If fixing the seams, for example, the editor will zoom into the particular area and use the tools available to remove the seam, replacing the area with fabric. The entire process can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the type of image.
Retouching photos is an area that has existed for years and will continue to be present in the fashion world. These are the newest trends and, although there is an emphasis on reality, Quality Photo Retouching still plays an important role in the fashion industry.

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