How to Prepare Products for High-Quality Photography?

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A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it can also be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars when taken in the right way. The secret behind marketing or selling a product online is presenting compelling images that will make a lasting impact on the minds of customers. A significant proportion of consumers considers image quality as an important aspect when making online purchases. It is for this reason that you should pay attention to the quality of images that you display on online platforms and stores. Here are some actionable steps that you can take to prepare your product for high-quality photography.

Invest in the Right Equipment

You need to invest in the right photography equipment for high-quality photos. The essential tools are a good camera, quality lights, and a tripod. A quality digital camera is suitable if you intend to take a lot of photos for your store or website. If you are operating on a minimal budget, you can consider renting a camera from a photography company. Some smartphones can also produce incredibly high-quality images for use on social media marketing platforms and websites.

Whether you are using a professional camera, Smartphone, or a point-and-shoot, you cannot rely on ambient light for high-quality imagery. Photography lighting is better with the ideal equipment; therefore, it is worth investing in quality lights as well. You will also need a tripod to stabilize the camera so that you can duplicate the same shot for each of your products. Also, get a shutter release trigger which will prevent camera shakes as you take the pictures.

Prepare the Product

The appearance of your product can significantly influence the quality of the photos. A quality camera will capture even the slightest imperfections in your product. Take some time to perfect your product and ensure that you capture it at its beautiful best. For clothes, make sure that you remove all visible labels, including tags and stickers. Use a lint roller to remove dust, and iron or steam them to get rid of creases and wrinkles.

Items with a reflective surface such as furniture should be wiped down and shined for a perfect look. Inspect the product for damage and repair or replace any defective parts, especially for secondhand products. Fix anything that can discredit the quality of your items, and if possible, only take images of things that are perfect in appearance and function.

Choose an Ideal Background

What kind of background are you using for the photography? If you want to show off the product, a solid white or black background will give the desired results. However, a black background may not be suitable for some products such as clothes, purses, watches, sunglasses, etc. as you may want to give them the proper context. For example, an image of a man wearing a wrist watch may be more captivating than having the watch on a white background. Clothes look best on models, and luxury pieces of jewelry are often shown on people in tuxedos or sophisticated gowns

Think of ways to communicate the context or demonstrate the product in action, as this would be very useful to a consumer who hasn’t used the item before. By providing an independent image and one of the product in action, you allow the consumer to get a good sense of the product both in use and not.

Don’t be Hasty

Patience is an essential requirement if you want to achieve high-quality product images. There is more than just setting up the camera and lighting and taking the photos. You need to experiment with different angles, distances from the camera to the product and from the light to the product, and the proper angle and height for the lighting equipment. After getting through the first few shoots, these details will be easy to comprehend. Make sure that you get multiple angles of each product to give your customers a clear view of what they want to buy.

Seek Professional Retouching Services

Image editing and post processing services give you the opportunity to clean up and enhance your photos. The process requires the use of software such as Adobe Photoshop; therefore, you need some expertise. A better option would be getting product retouching services from a professional. Various freelancers and photography companies offer Product photo retouching services at an affordable rate. If you made any mistakes when taking the pictures, the editing software can correct them and deliver perfect results.

Adequate preparation is paramount for high-quality product images. However, it may take some time to master the techniques and get perfect photos. Don’t be in a rush to learn photography; rather, keep on practicing until you are happy with the results.

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